Making A Splash On LinkedIn

I'm all about spending less time on social media so I can actually log-off and enjoy my personal time.

That's why I love LinkedIn because I keep finding that the return on time invested is so good! 

Plus LinkedIn has allowed me to enter the US and European markets and work with international clients.

My ideal clients are Lightworkers who offer a beautiful holistic, intuitive, healing services but who struggle to communicate the benefit of what they offer in their marketing messages and offers.

Are you surprised these kind of women are on LinkedIn? Yep so was I.

Because I use a content marketing strategy I receive a lot more reach via LinkedIn than I do from Facebook and for $0.

Am I sparking your interest?

Now is a great time to establish the foundations of your own LinkedIn strategy so you can make a splash on LinkedIn in 2017 ... and I've prepared this special training which will help you

This training will help you to:

  • Trim down on your FB Groups so you don't feel overwhelmed and like you spend your life staring at a screen ...
  • Explore alternative options beyond FB that will grow your business ...
  • Expand your reach and start attracting clients from the US, UK or other parts of the world
  • Enjoy marketing by sharing your knowledge and wisdom through the written word and video.

And if you have any questions feel free to connect with me! 


Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor to LightWorkers