Digital Sabbath As A Conscious Biz Practice

Sabbath Keeping

Would your business survive if you logged off for 30-hours each week? 

And by logging off I mean no work, no internet, no devices, no watching webinar replays and no reading. Just you, some slow time, some connecting with yourself, your family, nature and your innate creativity. 

Sounds amazing doesn't it ... and perhaps a little out of reach too? 

I've had an undesirable habit of frequently picking up my phone 'just to see' what's going on online. I experimented with 'digital fasting' to curb this behaviour, but this approach just didn't stick for me. 

Sabbath keeping, on the other hand, has captured my heart and soul. ✨

So one day each week I am experimenting with keeping Sabbath as a spiritual and wellness practice. It begins midnight Saturday and continues through to Monday morning, which works out to be about 30-hours. 

My sabbath means no work (including housework), computer devices or in-puts such as reading, watching or listening to information. 

A day of true rest and presence.

It certainly beats being mentally ‘logged on’ all the time, even when I have (apparently) logged out of my business. 

What I've realised about keeping sabbath is that it requires conscious planning in the days leading up to it. 

Suggestions on preparing for sabbath:

  1. Take leave from posting on social media the day before your chosen Sabbath day. This helps slow down your mental and online activity and minimises the temptation to check in on how your latest post is going.

  2. Let your loved ones know about your weekly sabbath day and that you'll have your devices switched off.

  3. Set up an 'out of office' auto-reply to let clients know when you'll be back at your desk. All too often we can fall into the trap of responding to client questions on the weekends, which perpetuates that feeling of being logged-on all the time. My working week finishes on Thursdays, so that's when I turn on my auto-reply.

  4. Check in with the laundry situation so you don't find yourself having to do a load of washing because of a shirt or uniform that's needed on or after your sabbath.

  5. Think about your meal plan. Do you need to pre-cook something for sabbath? Or if you are eating out, make a reservation so you don't need to play with technology on your rest day.

  6. Consider how you are going to spend your day. Are you feeling the call to stay home and engage in artistic pursuits and some journalling? Or is there an excursion that you and your family would enjoy? Research your options in the days leading up to your sabbath to avoid any last-minute Google searches.

  7. Finally, have a notepad and pen on hand during your sabbath day so you can jot down any reflections or ideas that can be explored later.

Here is what I've been doing during sabbath: 

It didn’t have to be Sunday and it didn’t always look the same. But keeping Sabbath once a week saved my life".
Emily P. Freeman

I hope this blog stirs within you your own desire to explore having one day of true rest and adopting sabbath keeping as a spiritual business practice. 

When we allow ourselves mental space to breathe, this tends to open up new doorways within our mind about how to move forward in business with more ease and enjoyment. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on sabbath too. Let's chat in the comments. 



Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor

*Update 22-Feb-19: ‘The Sabbath Expereince’ is coming. It’s a 2-part class. The first class I’ll help you clarify your sabbath intention and create your own sabbath day ritual. The second class (post-sabbath) we’ll share what we learnt and expereinced from practicing sabbath. If you’d like an inviton to this event touch base with me. Dani x