The Laid Back Approach To Sales & Marketing

Quiet Marketing for Introverts, Highly Sensitive People, Spiritual Entrepreneurs

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When we lean forward to generate clients, they will tend to lean away from us. Here's what I mean by 'leaning forward' ... 

  • Trying too hard
  • Working too long
  • Striving, stressing and hustling to the point of exhaustion
  • Being too attached to the outcome of your posts
  • Always sharing with an agenda to sell
  • Spreading your marketing efforts too thin
  • Trying to be everywhere at once ... like multiple Facebook Groups. 

You get the picture, right? 

We tend to believe that to be successful requires 'hard' work, but does it?

Yes commitment is required, and long-term commitment at that!

The kind of commitment that says ...

"I'm not giving up at the first sign of disappointment, the second sign of disappointment, the third sign of disappointment ... the 100th sign of disappointment. I'm sticking with this until it works!"

Sure you will need to tweak and pivot as you go, but your 'work' does not have to be hard. 

In fact, I believe the harder we make it, the longer it takes to reach our goals. 

It's important that we enjoy the 'experience of ourselves and our Soul' in the process of creating our business. 

Whatever energy you infuse into a thing is what you create more of. 

Take action from a space of fear (FOMO), lack or obligation and guess what you create more of? 

So what does it mean then to #LeanBackInBusiness? 

Here is what it means for me ... 

  1. Having slower and lower goals. I'm a high achiever but aiming for the stars in my own business kept creating disappointment. Now I create easy doable weekly goals ... and I've never had so much progress in my business since adopting this approach. 
  2. Sharing generously what has worked for me in business. I used to keep my best stuff for 'paying' clients; now I share freely. There's no use in my knowledge and expertise being the world's best kept secret. And by doing this I am making a contribution to the world. 
  3. If some business strategy feels too hard or does not lead to 'conscious enrollment' of peeps onto my list, then I don't do it. This was not always the case. I used to take on any advice from anyone who I deemed 'successful' even if that strategy felt like drudgery. When we know better, we do better. 
  4. When someone wants to work with me, I interview them! I ask things like "So how do you feel I can help you?" ... and I literally lean back ever so slightly in my chair as I do that. 

As a chronic high achiever adopting this lean-back approach has been medicine for my soul. It may be just the medicine you need as well. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, so please share them below. 


Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor

P.S. Leaning back in business is one of the guiding principles of my Business Circle.