Human Design Generator Resources

Danielle Gardner, Business Coach

Learning to 'respond' in business, rather than initiate 

Hi, my name is Danielle Gardner and I've been applying the Generator strategy of responding to my business since 2015. Understanding my Human Design has been a game changer for me. My client base and income are now consistent and I'm no longer pushing and striving to find clients.

However like so many Generators I too had been initiating everything in business and in life, and although I did achieve things this way it was very very exhausting. 

As a Generator the world will come to you and fall at your feet ... if only you will let them! If only you will pause, lean back, notice what's coming towards you and then create somethings response to that. 

Here are some resources to support you in your journey of learning to respond:

  1. Library of business related Generator articles

  2. Messaging and marketing guidance


Dani Gardner

Danielle Gardner
Message & Marketing Mentor

P.S. You can ask me anything about my experience with Human Design in the comments.