Finding The Words To Express What You Offer

I spent the first 18-months in my business trying to get people to notice me in the marketplace.

I was trying to speak to and help 'everyone'yet nobody realised I was talking to them! Sound familiar? These are the steps I took to master my message. 

1. I stopped trying to speak to 'everyone' in my marketing.

Although I knew I could help everyone with a variety of different goals I realised that nobody felt I was talking to them. My message was too general and not capturing anyones attention. So to work out 'who' I was best positioned speak to and help I looked at the goals and results that I had achieved myself. I combined this information with my exisiting expertise and my personal story ... and then ta-da! I found my audience :-)

2. Interviewed my ideal clients

Armed with the knowledge of who my audience was, I was able to begin the most powerful thing I have ever done for my business. I started interviewing women who matched this audience description. Through this process of speaking to my ideal clients I learnt about what help 'they' believe they need and what language they use to describe their goals and challenges.

Results from my market research interviews

The information I gathered helped me understand what my ideal clients actually wanted, versus what I thought they wanted. This helped me ground my message and allowed me to communicate the value of what I offer in a way that the average woman could understand. Women began sending me private messages saying how much they resonated with my blogs, social media posts and offers. 

Interviewing my audience also helped me reconnect with parts of my own story that I had forgotten. I started using the same words in my marketing that the women I had spoken to used, words and phrases that I too had previously thought or believed.

I've completed three rounds of market research over the past 9-months. With each round of interviews I refined my process of finding people to interview, crafting powerful questions, automating appointment setting, recording responses and analysing the data. 

This step-by-step process has now been created into an 'on-demand' Online Course called Master Your Message. Please go an check it out if you'd like further guidance from me. 

Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor

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Student Feedback

The course really narrows in on a process that I found bamboozling and wanted to avoid at all costs. It broke it down into easy to do chunks, while providing valuable insight into each little step. It was these insights along the way that actually ensured the process was effective. I had been told by another coach to ‘do market research interviews to find out what people want’ but that was not specific enough for me to be able to do it in a way that worked. Your course is the only one I’ve found that makes this process clear. It also made me want to read more, where I learned about a range of other useful tools in a clear and concise manner. There’s no filler here, it’s all gold. Thank you, Dani.
— Victoria Crewes
This course was an efficient, easy, trackable way to do undergo market research and now I have these tools as a reference for other services I may develop in the future. The e-course helped me to articulate questions to ask my target market about how they preferred to be helped to solve their problem. This helped me greatly in crafting my service to meet their needs. I gained insight into what my target market were prepared to pay for my service. I assumed that what I had in mind to charge would be too expensive BUT by using the guidance on questions to ask in the e-course, I was able to find out what my market perceived in terms of cost of my potential service and it was a lot more than I assumed.
— Shalini Nandan-Singh
I really loved how this eCourse is presented in a succinct, logical format that is easy to follow. It can be overwhelming trying to choose among all the eCourses out there, and many disappoint because of false promises or irrelevant information - not this one. The audio tutorials provide plenty of practical advice and I found the one on crafting effective interview questions especially helpful. Dani also helped me realise that I need to explore my personal story a little more so I can further clarify who my target audience really is. I feel so much better equipped now to effectively complete market research so I can refine my message and what I offer.
— Melissa Risely
This course gave me a step-by-step process towards market interviews and an ordered process to do in so that I can actually use and learn from the data. It helped me to grasp what I have done differently in the past and why I was not so happy with the results (interviewing people who were not my ideal client, not analysing my results appropriately). It also showed me some new markets that I can access as I had not thought of targeting LinkedIn for my interviews. It has greatly increased my confidence around market interviewing.

This is very important to me because my plans for the rest of this year include launching 4 new projects and I am very keen to get started on content creation - but first I need to connect with my market and ensure that my creations are the best they can be - and that I have the appropriate language to describe them to capture my ideal clients’ attention.
— Michelle Whitehead