Mind Your Own Intuitive Business

 Photo by  Frankie K  

Photo by Frankie K 

Without 'consent' to intuit something about another person your guidance will lack integrity.

This week I've started upgrading my Soul Realignment practitioner training with Andrea Hess and I've enjoyed revisiting topics such as; consent, spiritual boundaries and intuitive integrity. Topics that I hardly ever see talked about in spiritual development communities. 

What I do see is people acting like they have 'intuitive licence' to go around giving unsolicited guidance. This tends to happen in Facebook Groups a lot. A woman will share something about herself which prompts a psychically or intuitively gifted person join the conversation with something like "What I feel/intuit/get for you is ....."

It's important to know that where a person has not engaged you in some way to do an energetic, intuitive or psychic reading then you do not have 'consent' to do one.

Furthermore, the information you receive will mirror back your own stuff and/or your 'intention' for doing the reading. 

Now you might say that your intention for doing the quickie reading is to 'help'. But really, where a person has not asked us for help then we are doing it to satisfy our need to be 'spiritually special' as well as interfering with that person's 'free will'.

You also might say "well I've been accurate before" and sure that's totally possible because what is personal to one person is also universal to many. However, the issue of intuitive integrity remains. 

I've been guilty of this too so I'm certainly not pointing fingers at everyone else but me. 

This is a mater of spiritual maturity. 

When I was starting out exploring spirituality I naturally encountered various people who loved to share their 'intuitive hits' about me. As a newbie I received it all without question. Now I know better.

Plus I've also 'formally' set things up with my spiritual team so that everyone is clear that I don't receive guidance through random people. I only receive guidance with those I have officially engaged in some way.

So what can you do then when you see someone sharing about their life and you feel this 'intuitive hit' that you'd love to share? 

Here are a few ideas for how you can gain consent before you start helping: 

  • Invite them to have a private conversation with you. 
  • Let them know that you have a few thoughts if they're interested.
  • Ask them an intelligent question based on the intuitive information you believe you have about them. 

Thank you for taking a moment to read this article I really appreciate it. You can share your thoughts with me in the comments below. 


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor