Stepping Out From Behind Your Holistic Modality

Stepping Out From Behind Your Holistic Modality

How to adjust your marketing message to generate more client bookings.

Are you a holistic practitioner such as an Intuitive Coach, Kinesiologist, Reiki Healer, Naturopath or Spiritual Mentor? Then chances are you are leading your marketing messages around your 'modality' because that's they way everyone does it right?  

Leading with your modality often means your business will grow very slowly because you spend a lot of time 'educating' people about what you do. For better results from your marketing efforts it's time to step out from behind your modality.

I love holistic modalities, it is where my entrepreneurial journey started. I began with kinesiology, then added Reconnective Healing™ and then included akashic records reading and clearing. But I no longer ‘lead’ my marketing message based around any modalities, processes or tools that I use, and I strongly recommend you don't either.

Here's why ...

  1. Your ideal clients are intensely interested in solving their challenges so they can move closer to their goals. This is way more interesting to them then being educated about your modality. 
  2. When you speak to your ideal clients about their challenges and goals in your marketing ... their ears prick up! They want to know more.
  3. As they digest more of your content and learn more about you and your story, they begin to feel a connection with you and they start to believe you can help them. 
  4. When you talk more about them, where they are at, and where they want to go (and less about your modality) you stirs within them the motivation to purchase your offer. 

I am not saying that you do not talk about your modality at all, I'm suggesting that your modality and 'how' you help is secondary to 'what' you focus on helping your ideal client with. 

This is why it’s important to create an ideal client description so that all your marketing messages can speak to a certain type of person, with a certain type goal, who has certain types of challenges in achieving that goal.   

What you have to offer your ideal client is so much more expansive than the modality you have been training in. 

You have innate wisdom that you came into this life with, you have your own personal experiences and gifts that enable you to help others in a way that is uniquely you!

So Lightworker, step out from behind your modalities and bring all of who you are into your marketing so that you can help others heal and realise their goals.



Danielle Gardner
Marketing Mentor to Lightworkers

P.S. If you are not having the response you hoped for in your marketing then you may need to refine who your audience is. In this Audio Guide I walk you through how to identify who you are best positioned to help right now based on your unique blend of gifts and experience.