Market Your Message, Not Your Modality


Some thoughts on how to adjust your marketing message so people can see the benefit of booking in with you

If you are a holistic practitioner with one or more modalities under your belt then you probably find yourself marketing these processes you’ve been trained in, rather than sharing a message that your ideal clients will connect with emotionally.

Marketing your holistic modalities can be a lot of work because before people can even think of working with you, you need to spend a lot of time 'educating' them about what you do.

When I started my business I was offering kinesiology, Reconnective Healing™ and akashic records readings.

All my marketing focused on these modalities and explaining how they work. But after realising this was not the best way to go about things I changed my approach.

Here's why I suggest you change your approach as well:

  1. Your ideal clients are interested in moving closer to their goals and overcoming any challenges in their way. This is way more interesting to them then being educated about your modality (unless they want to study it themselves or they like trying out different holistic offerings as a hobby - that happens!)

  2. When you speak to their goals and ideals in your marketing their ears prick up. They become interested in hearing more from you.

  3. As they digest your content and learn about your point of view they begin to feel comfortable with you. They begin to wonder if you can help them.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t mention your modalities at all, what I’m suggesting is that you just don’t ‘lead’ with them.

What can you lead with instead?

The way I go about it when helping clients is to create an overarching statement that describes what they are helping their people with.

Here are some examples of overarching statements:

“Helping spiritually inclined women who feel out of place in this world to find their path and have the courage to pursue it.” . . . overarching statement for an Astrologer.

“Guiding and mentoring professionals in understanding themselves better, their behaviour patterns, and how they can make more aligned choices in their life.” . . . overarching statement for a Psychotherapist.

“Support women to find their voice and embrace who they really are around other people.” . . . overarching statement for a Hypnotherapist.

The overarching statement is crafted from a combination of each person’s gifts, knowledge and personal journey.

But this is just the beginning of the messaging process.

From the overarching statement we are able to flesh out at least 15 different conversation points that lay the foundation of their marketing message.

These discussion points then become content pieces for their newsletters, online classes, blog articles, social media posts, interviews etc.

Can you see how this works?

Sharing your message rather than your modality will absolutely change the way you feel about marketing.


Danielle Gardner
Messaging & Marketing Mentor

P.S. If you would like my help with articulating your message explore what’s possible here.