Living With Less, Connecting More

Breathing new life into fallen foliage by weaving them into baskets - I can't think of anything more sustainable than this, can you?  This month I spent a weekend with Rene Bahloo the 'Empress of Weavery' and a gorgeous group of women on Bribie Island for a Summer Weavery Retreat. 

I've always loved the idea of reusing natural fibres to create practical things. What made this experience all the more special was being in a woman's circle as we weaved together not just our baskets, but also hearts and minds as well.

As each of us shared about ourselves we all had this common thread of wanting to feel reconnected. Reconnected with nature, our communities, our loved ones, our food (how it's grown and prepared) and ourselves . . .with the essence of who we really are.  It was so good to find that so many women are feeling this urge to be reconnected as I have these past 12 months.

As a western civilisation I feel we have been living a synthetic kind of existence, far removed from natural substances. The simple pleasures of walking barefoot on some cool grass or just sitting on the earth (not on a chair, on our bottoms) can be rare experiences for many of us.

More and more people are coming to a point in their lives where they crave simplicity and reconnection, have you noticed that? These are some of the things I've been embracing . . . . .

  • Spending more time in nature walking, cycling and sitting in the park reading or playing my guitar.

  • Growing herbs that I would typically buy at the supermarket. Basil, Mint and Corianderare excellent choices to begin with.

  • Becoming more involved in my local community by participating in the Gold Coast City Council's Active and Healthy programs.

  • Cooking meals from scratch using whole foods (i.e. nothing packaged).

  • Having picnics instead of eating out.

What kinds of things do you do to feel more connected with yourself and your surroundings? 

Dani x