Why People Don’t Engage On Facebook Pages

Quiet Marketing, Danielle Gardner

Grow your Facebook Page audience through two-way conversations.

So let’s explore some potential reasons why you’re not having much meaningful engagement with your content: 

  • Engagement takes time, so focus on the ‘long game’ here. It’s unrealistic to come out from the woodwork and expect people to engage with you straight away. People often need to see your content a number of times before they’ll jump in and comment.  

  • Are people even seeing your posts? The average person has liked 846 Facebook Pages based on a recent poll I conducted. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure out that it’s just not possible for that many pages to show up on a person’s feed. That’s why platforms like Facebook select a small handful of 10-20 Pages to show people based on their previous activity such as: likes, comments, clicks, shares. This means if you only post every few weeks you have less opportunity to be seen on anyone’s newsfeed.

  • Is your content interesting enough for your intended audience? The first two lines of any social media post are what I call ‘prime realestate’. This prime realestate serves as a headline to what you are going to be talking about, and its purpose is to draw people in to your content piece. How are you utilising the opening lines of your posts?

  • Are you sharing your own perspectives, values and beliefs? Or are you sharing a lot of quotes, memes and other people’s content? When you share this type of content you’ll generally only have low quality engagement such as ‘Likes’ but no comments. Especially where you give no commentary as to why you are sharing the piece.

Now let’s look at some remedies:

  1. Decide on a posting rhythm that you can stick to. If you are building your audience from nothing then it’s a good idea to post once a day (bar Sundays if you are keeping sabbath 😉). But if that feels like too much for you, then scale it down to what feels doable.

  2. Remember the importance of your ‘prime realestate’. Begin your post with something that will be interesting to your intended reader, and what’s interesting to them is what’s happening to them. Try to avoid being poetic or clever in that opening sentence. Talk in plain language that a 10-year-old could understand. Share something that helps your audience think differently. Scroll through the posts on my Facebook Page to see how I utilise my prime realestate.

  3. Share less quotes, memes and other people’s content and instead step out of your comfort zone and share a perspective you have from the heart. People are searching for meaning and these are the types of post people enjoy contributing to.

  4. Using Facebook Ads to boost your content to your ‘warm audiences’ will help more people see your posts. I’ve spent as little as $2AUD per day on this to good effect. Here are the warm audiences I recommend you set up in Facebook Ads Manager:

    • People who have liked your page.  

    • People who have engaged with your Facebook Page (with this audience they don’t need to have liked your Page).

    • People who have visited your website (you need the Facebook Pixel installed on your website to be able to create this audience. Instructions on how to do that here.

Which of these areas could you focus your efforts on right now so you can move one step closer to better engagement?

Let me know in the comments!


Danielle Gardner
Business & Marketing Mentor