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Hello kindred spirit,

Quiet marketing is a rebellion against the loud, fear based marketing practices that we’ve been lead to believe are the ‘only’ way to make it in business.

As an Insider you’ll receive a behind the scenes view of how I’m marketing my services with quiet confidence and generating a sustainable livelihood without having to being online all the time. 

I share things in my newsletter that I don’t share on Facebook.

Things like:

  • New approaches I’ve been experimenting with to downscale my hours and increase my income.

  • Results of my marketing experiments. ✨

  • Points of view that I’m not ready to make public.

  • And quiet launches to my online programs.

You’ll typically hear from me once a month.

However, It’s not easy to become an Insider.

You need to be willing to answer a few questions so I can understand how you discovered me and what topics you’d like to hear me talk about.

If that seems like too much work, you can keep an eye on what I’m doing over here.

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Danielle Gardner
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