Make Art, Not Ads

A tiny course about make-art-ing

Made for people who loathe marketing and self promotion.

Marketing = Making Art

This training was inspired by Alexandra Frazen's genius reframe that Marketing can feel like an art project (i.e. Marketing = Making Art).

Don’t you just love that? It brings a big smile to my face.

In these 2 recordings we'll be exploring ways you can make-art your business so that what you share online feels good to both you and your audience.

I'll be sharing my own favourite examples of how I make art, the tools I recommend, and you’ll be identifying a tiny art project that you can set in motion straight away. 


Part One

  • Exploring how our audience responds to content that looks like an ad.

  • Difference between advertising and marketing.

  • Connecting with your individual style of make-art-ing.

  • Examples of make-art-ing projects that you can use straight away.

  • Choosing a tiny make-art-ing project you can do inside the next 7-days.

Part Two

  • How to craft more ‘native’ content … and why that’s important to your audience.

  • Choosing images that inspires people into action and where to find them.

  • How to create an audio content that you can share on Instagram Stories in one tap.

  • Writing headlines that invite your readers into your content.

  • How to speak ‘with’ your audience, not at them.

  • Why ungated (no email required) content builds a more genuine list

what you will receive:

  • Immediate access to 2 x pre-recorded video trainings and resources that give you practical make-art-ing approaches you can adopt straight away (60-minutes each).

  • Option to have a 30-minute session with me where we will customise this training for your business and map out an implementation plan.



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