Marketing Message Appraisal

Let's uncover where and how your marketing can be more effective

30-Minute Online Consultation via Zoom

You might be the best practitioner, consultant or coach in your industry, but if your marketing is not effective then you'll find it a struggle to have a sustainable business. 

Marketing is not exclusively about advertising and promotion. In fact the very best way to market yourself is by being your audiences most trusted advisor, even before they join your list or become a paying client. 

When you take this 'content marketing' approach you'll probably find that you don't need to push your paid offers out so often ... because your audience will seek you out. 

Here's what happens in your Marketing Message Appraisal:

  1. Prior to our session I'll take a look at your website and Facebook Page so I have an idea of what you've been doing. 

  2. Our session will take place on Zoom Video Conferencing which you will access via a link that you receive via your booking confirmation email. 

  3. During our call I'll be reviewing several aspects of your marketing so I can make recommendations on how you can improve your message and grow a 'genuine' audience of people who are keen to learn from you. 

  4. You will walk away with a clear plan for what you can do straight away to make your marketing efforts more enjoyable, inspirational and effective. 

  5. You'll be able to record the session through Zoom for revision purposes. 


$120 AUD