Client Testimonials


Katia Krassas, Holistic Counsellor

"I am receiving in The Business Sanctuary 🌿 the community I have always craved and it’s benefiting me and my business on so many levels. I am walking now with quiet confidence and assurance that my business can only succeed. And that measure of success is directly related to how I keep walking my talk and being true to my passion and who I am.

People around me are noticing the change, and listening to my words and sitting up and asking for more. I am being more of a Projector by trusting my Human Design, and omg I can see it’s working. I am undergoing a ‘quiet revolution’. It’s really lovely to be held and encouraged, and allowed to go at my own very slow but very rewarding pace."


Monica Dunne, Medicine Woman

"I have finally found a community that resonates with me in The Business Sanctuary 🌿. One where I am surrounded by spiritually grounded business women who are courageous and vulnerable all at the same time. I feel stronger to accept myself even more and value me and my business.

I also feel more informed about how to create within my business. The quarterly intentions, the weekly reviews, spotlights, sharing, resources and discussions inspire me to up level my business skills, my personal expansion and deepening into myself - the I AM. For me, the Sanctuary has been a journey of doing business with soul."

Natajsa Wagner

Natajsa Wagner, Psychotherapist

I highly recommend working with Dani if you want soulful and honest expertise. Dani has been able to help me articulate and simplify my message. Everything feels so much lighter and manageable. I can honestly say that no other marketing and message expert has been able to leave me feeling 100% satisfied and confident in my message going forward.


Stef Winwood, Academy of Courageous Riding

Working with Dani is the best investment I have made in my biz so far! Dani really knows how to get your message and marketing on point for your biz, and in a way that becomes so meaningful for your audience (that they become raving fans) and marketing becomes effortless and fun.

I love my Facebook Page now, it's virtually the only place that I post Facebook content now and where I make sales from, rather than in FB Groups.

Georgie Beams, Psychologist

Georgie Beams, Psychologist

I loved working with Dani. She is authentic and I love her message and what she stands for. If you are looking at discovering your true voice and getting that out there, Dani will hold your hand every step of the way and build your confidence in this area. I highly recommend working with her.

Annabel Mason, Naturopath

Annabel Mason, Naturopath

Working with Dani one-on-one is one of the best investments I have made in my business. I have been able to gain clarity around my message and bring this into my writing so that it feels not only clearer for myself and the reader, but also I feel more connected to it and therefore also more fulfilled in what I am putting out there. I highly recommend Dani's approach to marketing and love that she follows her own heart around this rather than following or rehashing a lot of the commonly recommended approaches to online marketing.

Anna Carson, Kinesiologist

Anna Carson, Kinesiologist

I have just completed Dani's VIP Business Mentoring package and it's been phenomenal. I have never wanted to be salesy but needed to find a way for people to find me and Dani's methods have worked amazingly. I am now almost fully booked and feel proud (and clear) on my message and my client group. 

Dani took the time to ensure that my ideal client and messaging was clear before we moved onto content, website and offers so that I knew who I was talking to and what I needed to be talking about, AND she is such a word wizard! Dani helping me to put my ramblings into a succinct and magnetic format. Genius!

If you are looking for a coach who will spend time with you, who is a visionary in the marketplace and doesnt 'do' sales, then Dani is your lady.

Tori Crews, Business Coach

 Victoria Crewes, Business Coach

"Before working with Danielle I had the goal of leaving my day job to work for myself. I didn't know exactly what that would look like but knew I needed the freedom to work fewer hours and use my soul gifts. I really valued Danielle's ability to cut to the heart of the matter quickly and be direct about her insights. Sometimes this felt confronting but it was always valuable. Working with Danielle, combined with following my own intuition allowed me to leave my day job within three months. I have been able to replace my income and am now looking to grow my beautiful business."

Dr Nathalie Martinek, Mentor to Healthcare Workers

I suffer from extreme cleverness such that instead of selling my service, I'd alienated people. Dani is a wordsmith and language Alchemist and can take the mush out of your mind and make it sound so simple and accessible to appeal to your ideal client. My clientele has increased dramatically in the short time I've worked with her.

Dani and I laughed, cringed and followed the trail of inspiration together to help me collect 'intel' and craft offers. She's razor sharp, inspired, intuitive and understands people's motivation and needs on a deep level. A healer and marketing whizz - what a combo!"


Viknesvari, Relationship Coach

Meet Viknes Vari from Singapore. Viknes is a Relationship Coach, her focus is helping women in committed relationships to be able to communicate their honest thoughts and feelings without fear of being rejected or judged.

Viknes was part of my marketing mastermind group and then she signed up for my VIP Business Mentoring program. Within two months of working together Viknes created a free audio opt-in, welcome email sequence, paid introductory session AND signed up her first VIP client on a 3-month program. 

 Jennifer Lang, Voice & Communication Coach

"Just finishing up 4-Week Marketing School for May. If you want a short, manageable, and yet supportive intro or refresher/expander of your marketing, you should do this! It covers one topic a week, from Social Selling, to Brand "Feel," Sales Systems and more!

The calls and smaller numbers make for a supportive little group. In the 4 weeks, I discovered my FB Pixel was NOT working on my site, that my brand look/feel and personal stories can be incorporated a lot more in my biz, and how to go about looking for new audiences."