The Business Sanctuary 🌿

A 12-Month mentorship For Highly sensitive women

Enrolment for 2020 opens in November.

The Business Sanctuary offers respite from the overwhelm of the online world.

It’s a place where you can exhale, soften and feel understood in the presence of other highly sensitive women.

Here you will be encouraged to embrace your own pace, follow your natural rhythm, and become a leader in your field through courageous content.

The women in this community know that pushing, striving and trying to accomplish too much too soon is not their way.

Instead they choose calm, consistent, sustainable approaches so they can enjoy the journey and nourish their life.



This mentorship program was birthed from the desire to create a space that feels:










what you receive as a sanctuary seeker:

  • Fresh details coming shortly!

good reasons to be part of the sanctuary:

  • Many of us are feeling the call to be rooted in community with other women. We are shifting focus from self-care to community-care, which is where we truly find our place in the world.

  • You want to feel good about going at your own pace rather than feeling anxious that you are not further along the path or more successful.

  • You get distracted by how others are marketing themselves. It looks like they are successful so you figure you should do what they are doing, but it doesn’t actually feel good to you.

  • You want to connect with ‘your’ way of doing things in business even if that is the opposite to what everyone has been telling you.

  • You spread your efforts too thin because you’ve been told you need to be ‘ever visible’. Meanwhile you are exhausted and almost despise having to market yourself (it doesn’t need to be this way!).

  • You’d love to experience what it’s like to actually slow down, do less things better, and still be able to attract clients.

  • You recognise the value in having a mentor, not so they can tell you what to do but so they can know you, hear you, and ask you questions that facilitate your knowing your next steps.

Would you be a good fit?

The Business Sanctuary 🌿 is best suited to women who:

  • Resonate with the foundations of quiet marketing and business minimalism.

  • Have already worked with me either 1:1 or as part of a group class.

  • You’ve discovered your Human Design and seek a place where you can discuss your experiment.

  • Care about sustainability, simplicity, authenticity, business integrity and conscious living.

  • Want to build their business without following the crowd and doing the predictable.

  • See value in having the support of a mentor.

  • Feel the call to be in community with other women.

  • Are able to attend the live calls with your camera on so we can see you, feel you and connect with you.

self study tutorials inside the Sanctuary:

  • How to create interesting content that grows an audience of potential clients.

  • My bare minimum content marketing plan.

  • Simple process for writing offer/sales pages based on my messaging framework.

  • My quick and easy process for setting up Facebook Ads to promote your content and grow your audience.

  • Client agreements, website terms and conditions, privacy policies and GDPR considertions with lawyer Shalini Nandan.

  • Setting up your financial systems for tracking income and expenses with Delaney Van Baalen.

  • Visual branding considerations with Sarah Tovey.


Founding Members 🌿
Those enrolled before 30th November
$150 AUD per month

Regular Members
Those enrolled after 1st December
$170 AUD per month

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Call Times:

👉🏼 View the call schedule

If you are in North America these call times will probably not be suitable for you. I may be offering a different program with the call time of 7am Pacific / 10am Eastern. Join the notification list for that here.

Meet some of the 2019 Sanctuary Seekers 🌿