The Business Sanctuary 🌿

A 12-Month mentorship For Highly sensitive women

Enrolment for 2020 opens in November.

If you would like to be notified of available spaces (prior to public release) please submit your interest via this form.

The Business Sanctuary offers respite from the overwhelm of the online world.

It’s a place where you can exhale, soften and feel understood in the presence of like minded women.

Here you will be encouraged to embrace your own pace, follow your natural rhythm, and become a leader in your field through courageous content.

The women in this community know that pushing, striving and trying to accomplish too much too soon is not their way.

Instead they choose calm, consistent, sustainable approaches so they can enjoy the journey and nourish their life.


Core Desired Feelings

This mentorship program was birthed from my desire to create a space that feels:







what you receive as a sanctuary seeker:

  • Weekly support inside our Facebook Group from the community on any challenges you are facing, business wise or personally.

  • 2 x 60-minute community calls per month via video conference.

  • A guided monthly group make-art-ing project (because marketing = “making art”)

  • Tutorials to help you with; messaging, writing offers, audience building, Facebook Ads, business legals, bookkeeping and visual branding.

  • Free enrolment to my public workshops throughout the year.

  • Access to $100 mentoring sessions with me.

good reasons to be part of this:

  • You want to feel good about going at your own pace rather than feeling anxious that you are not further along the path or more successful.

  • You get distracted by how others are marketing themselves. It looks like they are successful so you figure you should do what they are doing, but it doesn’t actually feel good to you.

  • You want to connect with ‘your’ way of doing things in business even if that is the opposite to what everyone has been telling you.

  • You spread your efforts too thin because you’ve been told you need to be ‘ever visible’. Meanwhile you are exhausted and almost despise having to market yourself (it doesn’t need to be this way!).

  • You’d love to experience what it’s like to actually slow down, do less things better, and still be able to attract clients.

  • You recognise the value in having a mentor, not so they can tell you what to do but so they can know you, hear you, and ask you questions that facilitate your knowing your next steps.

Would you be a good fit?

The Business Sanctuary 🌿 is best suited to women who:

  • Have already worked with me either 1:1 or as part of a group class.

  • Resonate with the foundations of quiet marketing and business minimalism.

  • Care about sustainability, simplicity, authenticity, business integrity and conscious living.

  • Want to build their business without following the crowd and doing the predictable.

  • See value in having the support of a mentor.

  • Feel the call to be in community with other women.

  • You are committed to turning up to the live calls and having your camera on so we can see and connect with you.


  • We start by sharing our news and progress.

  • I take a few minutes to talk through one of the quiet marketing practices.

  • There is open discussion time to share your ideas, ask for feedback and learn how other members are going about things such as growing their audience or applying their Human Design.

  • At the beginning of each month there will be some quiet time on the call to reflect on the past four weeks, acknowledge your progress and identify what’s important for the coming month.

  • We close the call with a minute of reflection to identify what action you are taking as a result of the discussions.

self study tutorials inside the Sanctuary:

  • Articulating your message.

  • Creating offers and growing an audience that needs them

  • Promoting your content to warm audiences via Facebook Ads

  • Your legal obligations as a business owner with Shalini Nandan

  • Systems for tracking income and expenses with Delaney Van Baalen

  • Soul Branding Framework with Sarah Tovey

Meet the 2019 Sanctuary Seekers 🌿

If you are wondering what kind of women you will meet in the Sanctuary, you can meet some of them here.


Founding Members
Those enrolled before 30th November
$150 AUD per month

Regular Members
Those enrolled after 1st December
$170 AUD per month

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Call Times:

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