VIP Business Mentoring

Build a sustainable business without having to be online all the time

If generating a sustainable livelihood through trust based business practices and quiet marketing feels like a huge relief to you, then we might make a great team. 

This one-on-one program is both an exploration and a collaboration. During our conversations together I will gently and purposefully draw out pivotal parts of your own journey that reveal the role you are destined to play in the marketplace.

I’ll help you craft a meaningful marketing message. Grow a genuine following through writing, events and meaningful conversations. Refine your offers. Simplify website. Map out your client pathway and reach new people with your message through Facebook Ads.

Here is an overview of the areas I can help you with:

  1. Integrating your soul purpose with your business offerings

  2. Clarifying the message you want to thread throughout your marketing

  3. Identifying and shifting anything that keeps holding you back in business

  4. Calling in likeminded clients through your writing

  5. Deciding on a business structure that feels good for your soul

  6. Mapping out your client journey and how that leads to your paid offerings

  7. Writing your offers

  8. Using Facebook ads, not a sales tool - but a way to reach more people with your messageRefine your message so it’s clear, relevant and speaks to the people who need what you can offer.

  9. Create, refine and name your products and services so there is a clear benefit and people can justify buying them.

  10. Grow your email list slowly with the right people who actually want to hear from you (rather than 'quickly' with people who just want your free thing but not 'you').

N.B. What we focus on during our sessions will depend on what you already have in place and what you need. For example if your message is very clear we won’t need to spend time on that.

These are some my favourite clients. You can read their testimonies here.

You Receive:

12 x 60-minute 1:1 business coaching sessions
*Sessions take place via video Conference

Payment Options:
6 x $430 AUD fortnightly payments, or
$2,400 AUD paid in full.

Lets see if we would be a good fit for each other. Book a chat with me below!