About Me

Digital Minimalist • Sci-Fi Enthusiast • Hobby Photographer • Language Lover

The background story …

Up until 2012 I was stuck in the trappings of a well paying corporate job. I often felt anxious, under pressure, and always striving to complete my never ending to-do lists.

People thought I was a real 'career girl' wanting to climb the corporate ladder, but that's not what I really wanted.

I desired to live life at a slower pace, travel around Europe, experience other cultures, speak other languages, and make a difference in the world by sharing my skills.

Today my life looks very different. I have carved out a new slower way of being. And this slower, quieter, more meaningful approach to life is what underpins my work with clients.

My entrepreneurial journey began with kinesiology and intuitive coaching. Within a few years this evolved into helping others grow their holistic business.

I'm currently living a location independent lifestyle between Australia and Europe.


My mentors: 

People who have supported me in my business journey since 2013:

Tad Hargrave

George Kao

Natalie Kent

Nathalie Martinek

Caroline Southwell

Tash Corbin

Melanie Midegs

Liz Melville

Andrea Hess

Amanda Daley

Gina DeVee

Melissa Pharr