About Me

I help coaches & practitioners organise their message, grow an authentic following, craft their offerings and market themselves in a grounded and genuine way.

After years working in the corporate world I decided to draw a line in the sand, leave my job and start my own business. I made a conscious choice to live life at a slower pace. 

I wanted to travel, experience other cultures, speak other languages, and make a difference in the world by using my talents and gifts. 

My entrepreneurial journey began with kinesiology and intuitive coaching. Within a few years this evolved into helping other women start their holistic business. 

I'm currently living and working between Australia and different parts of Europe.


People Who’ve Supported Me: 

I feel it's important to name the teachers and mentors who have helped us on our path. Here is a list of mine: 

George Kao

Jason Stein

Natalie Kent

Nathalie Martinek

Caroline Southwell

Tash Corbin

Nisha Moodley

Melanie Midegs

Andrea Hess

Amanda Daley

Gina DeVee

Melissa Pharr