Art Of Responding In Business

A class for Human Design Generators & Manifesting Generators

 Learn how to apply the strategy of ‘responding’ to business and marketing.


Let’s put an end to:

  • Spending a lot of time online marketing yourself for not much return on the time invested.

  • Launching new offerings and having to hustle day and night to get people interested in them.

  • Generally feeling exhausted from working so hard to build your business.

  • Not being clear on how to ‘respond’ in business even though you’ve been studying Human Design and had someone read your chart.

Instead I will help you:

  • Have more focused marketing that resonates with your audience and allows you to spend less time online.

  • Create offers in ‘response’ so they can be easily picked up and distributed through the human network.

  • Pause, observe and notice the signals you are being given so you can make better decisions on where to focus your responding.

  • Reduce the ‘waiting’ time by setting up an environment of response in your business.

Training will be a good fit for you if:

  • You are fairly new to Human Design and you are not clear about how to apply your strategy in a practical sense, even though you studied your design or had your chart read.

  • You value simplicity, minimalism, integrity, conservation and sustainable business practices.

What you will receive:

  • 2 x Video recordings of the classes (60-minutes each).

  • Audio versions of the classes (if you prefer to listen)

  • Written version of the class (if you prefer to read).

  • Access to support calls where you can ask questions and receive mentoring with applying the Human Design strategy of 'responding' to your marketing practices.

Class One Summary:

  • Overview of strategy, inner authority and the sacral response.

  • How to get the cogs of Human Design turning in your business.

  • How to recognise your sacral response.

  • What to do with the ideas you keep receiving.

  • A daily practice that will help you to stop initiating and start responding.

Class Two Summary: 

  • Setting up an environment of response in your business. 

  • Identifying what you can respond to.

  • How to create offers and content in response.

  • How to reduce the ‘waiting to respond’ time through automating market research.

  • How to tell if you are initiating a creation or responding.

  • Recommendation for a low-cost way to further your Human Design education.


$50 AUD / $36 USD

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Please note: This training is specifically for people who have a Human Design chart and know their ‘type’ is a Generator or Manifesting Generator. Not sure what ‘type’ you are? Click here to find out.

Optional Coaching Call:

This optional coaching call is a great opportunity for us to meet face to face, talk about your business and customise any of the approaches to your business.

Feedback From Participants

“I’ve really enjoyed your Art of Responding class for Human Design Generators. I started studying Human Design a few months ago. Adding your insights to my own experience has added a layer of validation and simplicity that feels very empowering. Those three questions you recommenced we ask each day provide a structure to make my “response process” more consistent and intentional. I’ve also benefited from your guidance as to how to collect market intel, so it becomes the foundation to which I can easily respond. I like your grounded and professional style, and have found great value in the different examples and guidebooks you’ve offered. Thanks so much!” - Maria Arredondo

“I am settling into the Generator thing, somewhat taken aback that I am not the Manifestor I had operated as. SO with that in mind I now look forward to the pressure being taken off, and want to start taking more notice of what I am hearing from clients, documenting is key for me or I'll forget these gems.... I think a spreadsheet will be such a great thing for me to have to keep all this info in one place.” -Melissa Turnock

“The way you presented, gave me confidence that I can make shifts and through the class I was remembering conversations or patterns that have been recurring. It's like it's been shouting at me and I've been responding the wrong way. So thinking next steps might be some articles around it, in my playful and fun approach.” -Kathryn Brooks

"This workshop was really interesting and informative. I have realised how I don't really 'respond' at all in my marketing. Along the way I have noticed a LOT of intel but that's as far as it has gone with me. I like the perceived feel of responding. It feels less stressful and more organic." -Tarsh Ashwin 

“It is interesting to see that I am a Generator and not an initiator (Manifestor). So many great ways to start to take note of what is happening and to respond to this with your ideas that have worked for you. It resonated so much, now to practice this new way to be. It feels a relief to begin to view what is coming in to our world. Thank you for a powerful, gentle and fun session”. -Donna Cole

"Thank you for your refreshing perspective on how to respond more than initiating. Definitely something that I am curious to implement. It looks easy when you explain it. Love the 3 questions as a starting point." -Eric Bensoussan


Why Learn From Me? 

I've been applying the Generator strategy of responding since 2015, and it's made a huge impact on my business.

The trickiest part was shifting away from always 'initiating' things such as new offerings and instead becoming a careful observer of my environment and the signals that I need to respond to.

Along the way I’ve experimented and explored different approaches, which have turned into business systems that create an environment of response.

Now my content and offerings get picked up and distributed through the human matrix with relative ease … because they have been created in response.