Art Of Responding In Business

Online Class for Human Design Generator(s)

with Danielle Gardner

If you understand a few things about your Human Design but you are still unclear about how to apply your ‘strategy’ to business and marketing then this training is for you. In this class I share practical systems you can use grow your customer base by responding.

Here's what you will learn in this training: 

  1. What is means to be a Generator or Manifesting Generator

  2. The difference in approach between Generators and Manifesting Generators

  3. How to make correct decisions (in response) according to your Inner Authority

  4. Where to begin with learning to respond

  5. How to minimise the 'waiting' time

  6. Identifying what you can respond to

  7. Creating offerings in 'response' 

  8. How to check if you are responding or initiating

What you receive upon purchasing:

  • 2 x 60-minute video class recordings

  • Audio versions of the classes (if you prefer to listen)

  • A written version of the class (if you prefer to read)

  • NB: The first class recording will be sent to you straight away. The second class recording will arrive a week later.

Feedback From Previous Participants

“I am settling into the Generator thing, somewhat taken aback that I am not the Manifestor I had operated as. SO with that in mind I now look forward to the pressure being taken off, and want to start taking more notice of what I am hearing from clients, documenting is key for me or I'll forget these gems.... I think a spreadsheet will be such a great thing for me to have to keep all this info in one place.” -Melissa Turnock

“The way you presented, gave me confidence that I can make shifts and through the class I was remembering conversations or patterns that have been recurring. It's like it's been shouting at me and I've been responding the wrong way. So thinking next steps might be some articles around it, in my playful and fun approach.” -Kathryn Brooks

"This workshop was really interesting and informative. I have realised how I don't really 'respond' at all in my marketing. Along the way I have noticed a LOT of intel but that's as far as it has gone with me. I like the perceived feel of responding. It feels less stressful and more organic." -Tarsh Ashwin 

“It is interesting to see that I am a Generator and not an initiator (Manifestor). So many great ways to start to take note of what is happening and to respond to this with your ideas that have worked for you. It resonated so much, now to practice this new way to be. It feels a relief to begin to view what is coming in to our world. Thank you for a powerful, gentle and fun session”. -Donna Cole

"Thank you for your refreshing perspective on how to respond more than initiating. Definitely something that I am curious to implement. It looks easy when you explain it. Love the 3 questions as a starting point." -Eric Bensoussan


Why Learn From Me? 

I've been applying the Generator strategy of responding since 2015, and it's made a huge impact on my business.

The trickiest part was shifting away from always 'initiating' things such as new offerings and instead becoming a careful observer of my environment and the signals that I need to respond to.

Along the way I’ve experimented and explored different approaches, which have turned into business systems that create an environment of response.

Now my content and offerings get picked up and distributed through the human matrix with relative ease - because they have been created in response to what the human matrix needs.