Writing Copy Without Sounding Salesy

Writing without sounding salesy

The No.1 way to sound salesy in your copy is to ask pain points questions.

It’s time for a more human, grass roots approach to communicating with our audience. A time to speak ‘with’ our people, not ‘at’ them.

The old way of using pain point questions needs to end. It feels calculated and inauthentic for all parties.

Instead imagine you are writing to a friend.

You wouldn’t blast them with a series of questions designed to make them feel their pain more deeply.

And at the same time you wouldn’t ignore how they were feeling, you’d find a way to acknowledge that in some way.

As a highly conscious person you know how important it is for people to feel seen and heard … without diving into the 'drama' of their challenge.

Here’s how to take this simple human approach and apply it to how you write for your business:

  1. Write and speak to your audience the way you would speak to a real human who was sitting next to you. How would that conversation go? Let the words flow and don't get caught up on what you think you 'should' say from a sales or marketing perspective.

  2. Be generous. Share what you can to help them right now even if they are not a paying client or on your list. If what you share helps them see things differently and take the next step towards resolving their challenge then power to them, and you! This is part of your contribution to the world.

  3. What you are creating through your generosity is ‘goodwill’. Those people will turn to when they need a mentor to guide them through their current or future challenges. .

To see some examples of how I speak like a human in my business checkout my Facebook Page or search for my posts in Tash Corbin's Heart Centred Soul Driven Entrepreneurs group.  

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*Post updated from original July 2017 version.