What French Women Can Teach Us About Work and Life

"French women avoid anything that demands too much effort for too little pleasure" - Mireille Guilian, 'French Women Don't Get Fat'.

These words bring to mind images of being deliciously lazy. Yet being 'seen' to be lazy is something most of us certainly try to avoid. 

The French philosophy is in stark contrast to how western women are generally bought up to be, true? Pleasure is the last thing on most women's priority list, if at all.

When a woman stops putting off her own enjoyment and pleasure everything she has been striving so hard to achieve effortlessly lands at her feet.

Time and time again I see how when a woman stops putting off her own enjoyment and pleasure (i.e her desires) everything she has been striving so hard for seems to land at her feet. 

We love hearing about how French women think, eat and behave because we know there must be more to life on this beautiful planet Earth than working to pay the mortgage. We innately know that the French mindset is more nourishing to the mind body and soul. 

As a recovering over-achiever and workaholic, 'taking it easy' is not something that come naturally to me. Yet when I step away from the desk for rest and play I always receive my biggest insights and break throughs.

What about you? Have you been pushing, striving and doing tasks that drain you in order to 'make things happen' in your career or business? Is that approach working for you?

A question I like to ask myself frequently is this "Am I enjoying the experience of myself in this process?" If the answer is no then I have two primary options. Delegate the process / task  or change it up so I actually do enjoy the experience of myself. Simples!

Where in your career or business do you need to change things up so they are more pleasurable in the moment?  

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