Hello gorgeous Healer, Intuitive or Spiritual Counsellor!

Are you trying to figure out how to create a sustainable income from your heart centred work? 

It all starts with knowing who you are here to serve, what solution you can lead with, and delivering that service in a way that is uniquely you. Once you understand these 3 pieces about yourself you can start crafting helpful content that your people will appreciate.

This value you share will have your people feel a connection with you .... and then when you 'do' talk about your services, they are way more likely to say “I need that!” and buy from you! If you are interested in working with me on this then I recommend you start with 'Phase One' .....

Phase One

Do you know ‘who’ you are best positioned to serve in the marketplace, what solution you can offer them, and how to deliver  that help in a way that is uniquely you? If these pieces are not clear then I invite you to enrol in the Personality Of Your Purpose so you can clarify your 'who', 'what' and 'how'.

Phase Two

Are you finding it difficult to express what you do to others? Do you find that once you get people in the door they love you … but it’s the getting them in the door that's the challenge? This has nothing to do with your beautiful offer ... and everything to do with your message. Join me in Market Your Magic.

Private Coaching

If you are super motivated to achieve big shifts in the clarity of your message, streamlining your business and upleveling your income then you are just the women I would love to work with one-one-one. My private mentoring programs start at $300 per month. To explore this option more book a career conversation with me. 

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Danielle Gardner