About Me

I'm a former stressed out, burnt out corporate girl from Australia who decided to draw a line in the sand, leave my job, start my own business and fly to Europe on a one way ticket.

My entrepreneurial journey began with offering kinesiology, Reconnective Healing and Akashic Records readings and clearings. 

As my path unfolded I connected with my gift for words, language, writing and the psychology and soul of marketing. 

Now I help spiritually aware women in business to ground their message and create offerings that communicate a clear benefit so that their ideal clients can easily justify buying. 

The background story ...

Up until 2012 I was working as a Business Manager in the recruitment and HR industry. I was often stressed, anxious and always striving to complete my never ending to-do lists. 

People thought I was a real 'career girl' wanting to climb the corporate ladder, but that's not what I really wanted. I desired to live life at a slower pace. 

I wanted to travel, experience other cultures, speak other languages, and make a difference in the world by using my gifts. 

Today I live and work between Australia and Europe with my husband who also has an internet based business. 

My Favourite Things ...