You're a holistically minded professional woman

You know you're meant for something other than your office job and you want to break free of corporate life. You feel the call to reinvent yourself and your career and you know you want to help other women in a meaningful way.

You are interested in ... Healing, Counselling or Metaphysical Therapies.

You're not quite sure how you could package your skills and gifts together into an offer that the women you are here to serve will actually want to purchase. 

You find yourself stuck in a cycle that begins with clarity, followed by doubt, followed by confusion and then more clarity. You just can't seem to move forward, it's like you're spinning your wheels. 

You're an independent and capable woman and asking for help is something that rarely crosses your mind ... until now :-)

I'm a Career Mentor to Women

Hi, my name is Danielle Gardner. I help women reinvent their careers, find their soul purpose and communicate their value in the marketplace.

I absolutely love helping women like you realise .... 

WHO you are here to serve

WHAT problem you can help them solve, and

HOW you are designed to deliver that solution.

If this sounds like what you need take a look at my Work With Me page. 

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