Marketing Ideas For Introverts


You don’t need to be extroverted and make loud, flashy, bold claims to attract clients. 

You can market quietly and still build an audience of potential clients who value your expertise and perspective..

Introverts like you and me are highly stimulated by our inner world, while also being very sensitive to the energies of others.

That's why lots of activity, noise and small talk rapidly deplete our energy and make mainstream online marketing approaches ineffective and not enjoyable for us.

Try these approaches instead:

  1. Follow your natural inclination to write and publish blog articles. Words are powerful and lasting. Words can heal and be the catalyst for whole new ways of thinking and decision making. Your words can call in the type of clients you would love to work with.

  2. Take your blogs and turn them into audio content. Personally I really love having the option to listen to a blog rather than reading it. It means I don't have to look at a screen. It means I can lie down for a few minutes, relax and listen. :-)

  3. Does the idea of showing up to an in-person networking type event make you feel a little anxious? I hear you! Then try your hand at being an event organiser instead. As an organiser you have a role to play and there is always something to do. Plus you don't need to initiate small talk with anyone! This is one of my favourite introvert strategies.

  4. Consider cutting back on the number of Facebook Groups you participate in. Lots of ongoing conversation is not good for your soul. You need to be able to energetically disconnect from group situations, and that's hard with FB Groups. I recommend building your audience by writing and exploring options other than FB Groups to share your content.

  5. Make sure you allow enough space for yourself in-between client sessions so you can refuel through some alone time.

What changes do you feel you need to make to take better care of yourself as an introvert? 

Let’s chat in the comments.

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